In connection with the Corona situation (and provisionally until the 31st of december 2022)                                           we apply a discount of € 3.00
                                        on orders of two (or more) booklets.

        Valid for orders within Spain as well as outside of Spain (e.g. the UK).

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ex. "Tell the Doctor" ( English - Spanish ) € 10,00 each
ex. "Vertel de Dokter" ( Dutch - Spanish ) € 10,00 each
ex. "Sag's dem Arzt" ( German - Spanish ) € 10,00 each
ex. "Dites-le au Docteur" ( French - Spanish ) € 10,00 each

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Information on buying and/or ordering "Tell the Doctor".

There are several ways to buy or order the "Tell the Doctor" booklet :

  1. At our sales outlets. For an outlet close to you, see the page "Sales Outlets" of this web site.
  2. By ordering via this web site (see ordering form above), or by e-mail
  3. By letter to: Apartado 459 - 03700 Denia (Alicante) - Spain
  4. If it is absolutely impossible to order in any of the ways mentioned above, please call (0034) 96 640 5117.

Forms of Payment:

  • At the sales outlets: cash.

  • Ordering by e-mail or telephone you will receive complete instructions about payment and shipping cost, including instructions for transferring your payment to a bank account in Spain or in the Netherlands.

  • Paypal is accepted as well.

Shipping cost:

WITHIN SPAIN: 1 or 2 ex. = € 2,75 / 3 ex. or more - upon request.

OUTSIDE OF SPAIN: ( e.g. the UK or the U.S. ) - upon request.

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