Qu hacer en caso de un robo o atraco?

  • When your purse is stolen and your home keys are in it, immediately inform your neighbors, so that they can give the alarm when strangers try to enter your house;
  • Make sure to block your credit- and debitcards by calling your bank(s) in both your home country and in Spain, if applicable.;
  • Write up a as complete list of all stolen objects for the police and your insurance company;
  • If you have seen the thieves and remember what they looked like, inform and describe them to the police to help in tracking them down;
  • Report the robbery at the nearest Guardia Civil station. Ask for a copy of the report;
  • Have your mobile phone(s) blocked. The emergency phone number is likely to be found in the contract with your provider(s);
  • Report the robbery at phone number 902 102 112 (in Spain), where most often you can ask for and get an operator who speaks English. You will be given a file (dossier) number, which you will need to pick up the official report form at the nearest station of the Policia Nacional;
  • If your passport is stolen, your local consulate can extend a provisional document.

If you are left without money and/or credit cards, it is recommended that you get in touch with family or friends in your home country (collect calls: to the UK: 900 990 041, to Ireland 900 990 353) and ask them to transfer money to you via the post office or companies like "Western Union", that have offices in your home country as well as in Spain. The necessary amount of money will need to be transferred to your name, care of "Western Union Spain". It will be available to you at any W.U. Office in Spain within 30 minutes and you will be able to claim it by showing a valid ID.
To find out where in Spain the nearest Western Union office is, call the toll free number 900 633 633. Western Union offices are generally open monday through sunday from 08.00 a.m. to 23.00 p.m., including during holidays.

If you are left without a valid passport or ID, but you do have monetary means at your disposal, then you can obtain a new passport or temporary document at one of your home country consulates. If you only wish to leave Spain and go home you can possibly apply for a so-called Laissez-Passer. This document is only valid for a limited period of time and in principle is only good to return to your home country.

If you don't have any documents to prove your identity to the satisfaction of the Embassy, then the consular authorities at the embassy may contact the municipality that issued your last passport and ask that a copy of the original passport application with photograph be faxed to the embassy.
You will be issued a receipt for any cost involved, so that you may claim these costs from your travel insurance.

Note: Always make sure you get a police statement for insurance purposes.